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The Design Department is dedicated to building a dynamic and skilled design roster for the fashion shows. Their focus on identifying and recruiting top-tier fashion designers ensures a diverse and talented pool of creative professionals. In addition to talent acquisition, the team implements robust mentorship and development programs to nurture emerging designers and elevate the skills of the entire design team. The team's commitment to fostering a creative and collaborative environment encourages continuous learning and innovation, creating a vibrant space for designers to thrive and contribute to the show's success.



Key roles in leadership include: Designer Management & Team Manager​​


Key roles for coordinators can include: Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Collaboration Facilitator, Feedback and Improvement Coordinator


Key roles for community include: Community Building Specialist, Post-Show Engagement Manager


Key roles for assistants include: Model Dresser, Chauffeur, Clothing Organizer, Booth Selling

Beyond talent acquisition and development, the Design Department plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall creative culture of the design process. They facilitate collaborative brainstorming sessions, encouraging designers to explore innovative concepts and push the boundaries of fashion. The team also acts as a bridge between designers and other departments, ensuring seamless communication and integration of design concepts into the broader vision of the fashion show.


With a keen eye on industry trends, they guide designers in incorporating cutting-edge elements, fostering an environment where each designer's unique voice contributes to the show's narrative. Additionally, the team is responsible for fostering a sense of community and mutual support among designers, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie that transcends individual contributions, ultimately enhancing the collective impact of the fashion show.

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