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Welcome to the first annual Runway to Red Carpet Fundraising Gala!

Boise Fashion Week isn't just about runway revelry; it's a catalyst for creative expression and a champion for Boise's burgeoning fashion scene. We're a non-profit organization fueled by a passionate community – designers, models, stylists, and you!

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Boise Fashion Week (BFW) isn't just about showcasing the latest trends; it's a platform designed to ignite the creative spark within Boise's fashion community. This non-profit organization serves as a launchpad for local talent, empowering aspiring designers and models to take center stage.

BFW's mission is to cultivate a collaborative space where Boise's unique fashion scene can flourish. They achieve this by:

  • Providing a Platform: BFW organizes runway shows and exhibitions, creating a stage for local designers and models to unveil their collections and gain recognition.

  • Fostering Education: BFW understands the importance of nurturing talent. They might offer workshops or mentorship programs, helping aspiring designers hone their skills and refine their visions.

  • Building Connections: BFW creates a space where designers, models, and other fashion enthusiasts can connect and network. This fosters collaboration and helps individuals build a strong support system within the industry.

By empowering local creatives, BFW helps Boise's fashion scene grow organically. Imagine a homegrown designer getting their big break at BFW, or a young model turning heads on the runway. These success stories inspire and motivate others, fueling a thriving creative hub within the city. Boise Fashion Week isn't simply about fashion; it's about empowering Boise's creative spirit and transforming local stars into tomorrow's fashion icons.

Make your Runway to Red Carpet experience even more Impactful!

Your attendance isn't just a night of glamour, it's a chance to uplift our community. By donating tonight, you'll directly support Boise Fashion Week's mission to empower and elevate. Together, let's turn heads and hearts for a cause!


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Want to be more involved? Please contact us with any questions & inquiries. 

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