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Join our thriving community of vendors and be a part of something special!

We're always looking for passionate and qualified businesses to partner with, offering a platform to showcase your unique products and services to a wider audience. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, we welcome you with open arms and a commitment to your success. Click the contact button to get more info about vendor booths at upcoming shows.

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Boise Fashion Week attracts trendsetters, tastemakers, and media from across the United States. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression on the industry's most influential figures and connect with locals eager to support you. As a vendor, you gain exposure unlike any other. Think booths buzzing with conversations, product demos eliciting excited buzz, and your brand splashed across event materials. This is your chance to showcase your brilliance and leave a lasting impression on a targeted audience.


Forge connections with like-minded creatives, build collaborations, and discover new avenues for growth in the Boise fashion scene. This is your chance to network like a pro, building relationships that can fuel your brand's growth. Imagine brainstorming with fellow creators, striking up deals with leading suppliers, or uncovering unexpected synergies with complementary businesses. A strong network is like a supportive scaffolding for your brand, providing stability, growth opportunities, and a platform for collaborative magic.


Every event is a stage for your brand's narrative. As a vendor, you have the power to boost your brand awareness in a powerful way. Every interaction, every product displayed, every conversation sparked adds another brushstroke to your brand's portrait. Imagine attendees walking away with your branded swag, your name popping up in event coverage, or your booth becoming a must-visit destination. This is how you amplify your brand voice, resonate with your target audience, and build a loyal following that champions your story.

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