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Boise Fashion Week welcomes you with open arms to become a part of the fashion extravaganza. Our modeling team is committed to making the models runway-ready with confidence. From prepping models for the runway to backstage organization, our modeling team is here to hype our models up and assist our producers on day-of events!

The modeling team at Boise Fashion Week operates as a cohesive unit, dedicated to curating and presenting captivating runway experiences that epitomize the essence of style and innovation. Under the guidance of the Modeling Director, the team meticulously crafts each show to reflect the dynamic spirit of Boise's fashion scene. Model Coordinators adeptly manage the casting process, selecting models whose diverse backgrounds and unique aesthetics embody the eclectic charm of the city. Backstage managers ensure the seamless flow of activities, coordinating swift changes and precise cues to orchestrate a flawless production. Runway coaches refine models' movements, infusing each step with confidence and grace that mirrors Boise's vibrant energy. Together, they transform Boise Fashion Week into a dazzling showcase of creativity and sophistication, celebrating the city's burgeoning influence on the fashion landscape.

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