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Headliner Shaun Muscolo is making it "trashy" with showstopping, sustainable designs at Boise Fashion Week.

Updated: Jun 7

Idaho based desinger, Shaun Muscolo, began her designing career as a teenager, creating costumes for friends and family. Although a passion of hers, she intentionally pursued a 45-year career in manufacturing, working mostly as a buyer for engineering companies. She continued designing costumes for her children, which led to an opportunity to help a friend create pieces for a trash-inspired fashion show. The experience sparked a new career path.

Muscolo combines her sourcing expertise with design skills to create "trashy" collections from recycled materials. "It's amazing what people will give you," Muscolo said. "Everything from medical garbage to industrial to what people generate in their kitchens! It’s so interesting.” She has utilized a variety of recyclable materials in her 21-year design career, noting how some items have disappeared over time. “I made a dress out of yogurt lids my first year designing and those don’t exist anymore! It’s a strange problem to have.” 

Muscolo's ingenious, sustainable collection, though made from 85% "trash," features elegant designs that would be desirable on and off the runway. "That’s to me what makes it funny is because it’s pretty elegant, really," Muscolo said. "Most of the stuff looks like maybe you could maybe wear it on the street. That's the joke!"

Although she has sold pieces in the past, Muscolo now focuses on creating for fun. "I just do whatever I want," she said."I don't work with stuff I don't like, nothing dangerous or toxic or paper! Paper because it disintegrates with water."

Muscolo recently showcased five pieces from her collection at Jump in downtown Boise. She has also shown her designs nationally and internationally. "I've done shows from Hawaii to Missouri," Muscolo said. "The furthest I've gone is New Zealand but I didn't go. My dress did but I didn't get to go."

Boise Fashion Week is honored to have Muscolo open the 2024 Summer showcase with her environmentally conscious,elegant designs. Buy tickets now to see the show!

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